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Looking for the $500 Prototype Offer?

Reach a wide audience with a
Multicultural development team

We're a multilingual, multiregional, and multifunctional
marketing and development team that can help bridge
your business and clients across the world.

Português - Brasil English - USA Español - Centroamérica / Sudamérica

Rapid Software Development
on Lean Business Principles

We can help you with multiple aspects of your business, all in one place.

Rapid Prototyping Web Design & Development Mobile Apps SEO Optimization Content Management Systems Wordpress Customization Database Management API Design & Integration Automated QA/Deployent & C.I. Custom services

Some great projects we've created

Como Code - Full Development & user initiated automation

View Project

Emprego|IO - Full development, data acquisition & processing

View Project

AuthDeck - UI/UX, Full Development & API

View Project

Built with great, open source & popular technologies

Laravel/Lumen NodeJS PhoneGap/Ionic VueJS ReactJS MySQL/MariaDB PostgresSQL MongoDB
SOLR/Elasticsearch Jenkins / Travis Selenium / Webdriver Git/Github Ansible & more

the $500 dollar prototype

  • Validate your MVP with rapid prototyping

    1 week turn around | $500 dollar budget

    Carefully selected and planned to maximize success

    Process ->>

  • Define your minimum viable product

    We collaborate quickly over what your MVPs goals and requirements are.

    We define milestones and create tickets to set what work needs to be delivered.

    Development ->

  • Start learning quickly

    We work together in short sprints to launch your MVP and start the learning & feedback process.

    MVP's with $500 dollar budget limited to 1 week timeframe

    Iterations ->

  • Build, Learn, Repeat

    We continue our relationship with iterations to adapt to what we've learned from engaging users.

    Tell us about your project, we're happy to hear from you, no obligations.

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